Ein glühendes Stück Metall wird von einem hydraulischen Schmiedehammer geformt.

VOD plant

High-quality stainless steel thanks to most modern VOD plant

For highly stressed and complex steel parts, the cleanliness of the material plays a superordinate role. In our VOD plant, we produce parts for all sectors, however, particularly for the sectors plant and forging technology. The stainless material characteristics are based on the cleanliness of the metal, which is produced through a proven and efficient process in a VOD plant.

VOD plant: definition and application area

VOD is the short term for Vacuum Oxygen Decarburization and refers to the process of the vacuum-oxygen-decarburization. For steel machining this means that metal, which was cleaned in a VOD plant, shows all the desired characteristics and therefore is especially weather-resistant and resilient in its application area. Complex challenges need simple solutions, where the precision work is the focus of the production process. The VOD plant is suitable for the cleansing of larger quantities of steel, from which undesired components are removed through the vacuum- oxygen decarburization-process. The Silbitz Group is working with a modern VOD plant and therefore can produce especially clean and extremely durable steel parts according to the customer’s request.

Material, cleaned through VOD plant, in high performance

The preparation of the metal in the VOD plant is a very important process in the production preparation. The cleaning of the steel or another metal lays the foundation for the production of the part and requires a high level of precision. Only high quality and modern machinery can remove all undesirable residues from the metal through the VOD process and hence guarantee maximal purity of the raw material. The cleaning of the raw material comes before the shaping process, but after the simulation and calculation. The degree of purity of the metal and the purpose of the part will be discussed during the customer meeting.

Quality management in all production steps

During the cleaning in the VOD plant, the liquid metal will be subject to a continuous quality control. This guarantees that all by-products, residues and additives, which affect the stability of the material, are removed prior to the shaping process. The VOD plant works with the latest technologies and, thanks to its spacious inner chamber, is perfectly suited for processing enormous quantities of metal and other materials, which are kept clean through this process. In the course of a reshaping or a classic model casting work, the VOD plant goes into action when maximum purity of the metal is required. Only when complete purity according to quality control is reached, the material will be removed from the VOD plant and formed into the desired shape.

Steel products of the highest purity – an advantage for the customer

The purity of steel makes an important contribution to the resilience, the noncorrosiveness and the versatility. For sensitive processes in the motor and drive technology sector or the electrical engineering it is necessary that the material is perfectly processed, in order to create a stable foundation for unrestricted functionality. This is the purpose of the VOD plant, of which the Silbitz Group decided for the most modern plant of the highest quality available on the market. The metal is cleaned very fast and doesn’t leave any residue, as this innovative process convinces without restriction of any kind.

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