With a combination of recycling and green energy, our goal is within reach: In 2030, the Silbitz Group will produce climate-neutral products for the European energy transition and for safety in public spaces.

Ein Mitarbeiter bedient einen Lichtbogenofen
"In addition to the increase in capacity, the energy savings are a huge advantage of the new oven system."

The modernized furnace system in Silbitz offers an increase in capacity from eight to ten tonnes for the production of special steels, i.e. highly complex and very high-quality steels. The arc furnace can be operated much more energy-efficiently, not only due to the increase in capacity, but also thanks to improved sensor technology. The focus of production there is primarily on the manufacture of steel products for the recycling industry and castings for industrial sectors such as wind energy and rail transport.

Ein Windrad an der Meeresküste
"Without us, the offshore program for the North and Baltic Seas and the European Union's climate targets could not be implemented"

With the acquisition of the iron casters, the Silbitz Group is taking two further steps towards greater sustainability. Firstly, the Group's portfolio is perfectly complemented by its focus on the production of highly complex castings for the offshore wind power industry. Secondly, thanks to the integration, the Silbitz Group has direct access to the sea. This shortens energy and cost-intensive transportation routes on land. The turbines of the wind power plants, which are becoming ever more powerful and therefore larger and heavier, can be transported from the Torgelow site to the Baltic Sea access point by a short route.

We shape the material from which the energy transition is made.