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Railway technology

Railway technology means first and foremost the production of safety components. As the failure and / or malfunction of a module endangers personal safety, the development, production and logistics of the delivered elements must meet the stringent safety and quality standards of railway technology.

We combine the large number of our railway technology products with the highest quality standards

Especially in commercial vehicle and railway technology, we manufacture highly stressed safety components in single, small and medium series. According to individual customer wishes, our products are finished and delivered to the customer. These include for example axlebox housings, housing bodies, brake disks, covers, ribbed plates, bearing plates or gearbox housings. The castings for commercial vehicle and railway technology are manufactured in the materials gray cast iron, spheroidal cast iron and cast steel. Our production know-how and many years of experience in this sector guarantee the implementation of the highest quality standards. In addition to the approval as a Q1 supplier, we also have the HPQ certificates of Deutsche Bahn. The safety-relevant components of the modules for railway technology require the use of most modern process engineering in quality management already in the development phase. The team therefore prepares risk analyzes such as fault trees and FMEAs before designing the components. Likewise, prior to the production of the parts, our trained employees produce an initial sample test report documenting compliance with all required drawing specifications. Of great importance is the delivery quality of the axlebox housings in railway technology. The main purpose of the safety component is to protect the axle bearing against contamination and to ensure the reliable function of the lubrication device. The brake discs must bring large moving masses at defined distances safely to a halt. Our wheel brake discs and axle-mounted brake discs meet all the requirements. We manufacture the highly stressed safety components in small, single and medium series. We also serve our customers with high-quality products for the fastening of rails with thresholds and also have a variety of designs of ripped plates for concrete and wooden sleepers.

Axle bearing housings

Axle bearing housings for rail vehicles for well-known train manufacturers. We produce axle boxes in various designs for passenger and freight cars. Our wheelset bearing housings are also manufactured for low temperature applications (EN-GJS-400-18LT for temperatures down to -50° C).


Covers for rail vehicles for well-known train manufacturers. The covers are manufactured in various designs for passenger and freight cars.

Brake discs

Brake discs for rail vehicles. We manufacture shaft brake discs and wheel brake discs either divided or undivided.

Ribbed plates

Ribbed plates for fastening the rail to the threshold. Ribbed plates and slide-chair plates are manufactured in different versions for wooden and concrete sleepers.

Gear box housings

Gearbox housings for various drives for rail vehicles. The gearbox housings are manufactured in various materials such as gray cast iron, spheroidal cast iron and cast steel.

Silbitz Group – your partner in the field of railway technology

The philosophy of the Silbitz Group places the customer at the center of its efforts. All our employees see the customer as a partner and want to convince him of the quality of our services. The permanent quality improvement in production and service ensures our sustainable customer relations. We are your partner, when it comes to railway technology with holistic service, high delivery reliability and a large variety of products and materials. In addition to the approval as a Q1 supplier, we also have the HPQ certificates of Deutsche Bahn. Do not hesitate and contact us directly.

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