Cast iron with flake graphite GJL according to DIN 1561 (formerly: DIN 1691)

  • EN-GJL-150 to 350

Cast iron with nodular graphite according to DIN 1563 (formerly DIN 1693)

  • EN-GJS-400 to 800
  • GGG SiMo (ductile cast iron with silicium molybdenum)
  • Solid solution hardened cast iron GJS-500-14 to GJS-600-10

Cast iron with vermicular graphite GJV according to DIN 16079

  • EN-GJV-300 to 500

Austempered ductile iron (ADI) according to DIN EN 1564

  • EN-GJS-800-10 to EN-GJS-1400-1

Austenitic cast iron (Ni-resist) according to DIN 13835

  • On request

Cast steel GS / Cast stainless steel GX

  • Cast steel for general applications according to DIN EN 10293(formerly: DIN 17205 and 17182)
  • Cast steel for pressure containers according to DIN EN 10213
  • Corrosion resistant cast steel according to DIN EN 1028
  • Tempering cast steel according to SEW 510
  • High tensile cast steel with good welding characteristic according to SEW 520
  • Cryogenic cast steel according to SEW 685
  • Special steels in customers request


Production capacities of cast iron by foundry site