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Silbitz Group Stassfurt AWS GmbH

The Silbitz Group Stassfurt AWS GmbH was incorporated into the Siblitz group of companies in June 2016. Silbitz Group Stassfurt AWS GmbH is the former Achslagerwerke Stassfurt.

We have amassed more than 60 years’ experience in mechanical machining. We are a reliable manufacturing partner for housings and structural components for the railway vehicle manufacturing industry and for gear unit and bearing housings for the wind energy industry. We also produce components for use in general mechanical engineering and plant construction installations. The company’s core business is the mechanical machining of axlebox bearing houses and related components according to our customers’ specifications.

We have a total of 40 CNC machines in various sizes and designs to carry out the different mechanical machining processes such as turning, drilling and milling. Machinery documentation.

We focus on small and medium sized manufacturing runs. We are able to machine components that weigh up to 30 tons and measure up to a diameter of 3.2 metres.

In addition to mechanical machining, we can also perform any surface treatment that is required on the machined components. We can apply primers and lacquer paints to washed and cleaned surfaces in accordance with our customers’ requirements.

Silbitz Group Stassfurt AWS GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of axle bearings.

ilbitz Group Stassfurt AWS GmbH
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