About us

Managing directors of Silbitz Group GmbH Mr. Dr. Tiefel and Mr. Schiessl


Dr. Torsten Tiefel

Silbitz Group GmbH
Dr.-Maruschky-Str. 2
07613 Silbitz

Telephone: +49 36693 129689
Telefax: +49 36693 80-255
E-Mail: info[at]silbitz-group.com

Silbitz Group company headquarters

Who we are

The Silbitz Group, a group of companies with four foundries and mechanical machining, as well as modelling and machining, offers you a fast, high quality and reliable fulfilment of your order from design to completion.

Silbitz casting factory & manpower

What we do

Main focus of the company strategy is the innovative implementation of the results of research and development. The Silbitz Group works in a focused way on material developments, on improved logistics between customer and foundry and on the possibilities of the substitution of casting materials for the optimisation of manufacturing at our customers.

Silbitz casting production potential

How we do it

We like to work at the limit on special customer specifications, for example in the substitution of forged parts by austempered ductile iron, in the combination of a casting process or in the production of prototypes by modelless forms and casting. As a result of our own mechanical machining capability we can deliver ready-to-use components.