Foundry Silbitz

Silbitz Guss GmbH

The Silbitz Guss GmbH is the oldest and largest site of the Silbitz Group. The Silbitz Guss GmbH is a classic jobbing foundry and offers customers a broad spectrum of services in the iron casting, steel casting and stainless steel casting segment. We have our own material development and are, as a result of our broad technological experience, in a position to develop and manufacture highly complex cast parts together with our customers.

At our site in Silbitz we manufacture, among others, cast parts for following branches wind power, drive engineering, machine tools, construction/mining machines, tool technology and railway technology in the weight range of between 10 kilograms and 8 tons per piece. The Silbitz foundry has an annual capacity of 25,000 tons.

Due to our technological leadership and high competence in the segment of material development and simulation we offer solutions for the substitution of forged parts or welded constructions. In both of our own X-ray laboratories we can completely inspect cast parts for hidden flaws to ensure the high level of quality.

The Silbitz Guss GmbH is one of the few foundries that have the welding process inspection for welding SiMo materials.

Silbitz Guss GmbH
Dr.-Maruschky-Straße 2
07613 Silbitz

Telephone: +49 36693 129694
Fax: +49 36693 80 255
E-Mail: info[at]