Staff development/training

We support the individual professional development of our employees and take into consideration their personal interests and skills. Our employees have lots of opportunities to contribute their knowledge and skills to our company, to develop these skills and, simultaneously, pursue targeted professional development.

With our wide range of commercial and technical jobs, with attractive dual study courses at the university of cooperative education or direct studies at the university, we inspire young people with the world of foundry. Do an internship and learn more about us as a future training organisation or as an interesting employer in professional reorientation.

Experience challenging tasks and dedicated teams, interested young colleagues and future-orientated personal development as well as many other benefits. If you can’t find any suitable positions on our online job board, we also welcome speculative applications. Please send us your application documents, preferably by email.

Professionals and Managers

We create suitable frameworks for our employees to develop at different levels. For us, it is all about the personal development of our employees. Based on demand, we prepare very specific, professional or personal development plans.

Examples of how we promote the potential of our employees are: the implementation of occupational technician and master training courses, certification courses in the various methods of materials testing, welding training or specialist courses in maintenance. As well as the acquisition of forklift and crane licences, we offer internal first-aid training, office training and English courses.

We offer our managers individual and needs-based development programmes, as well as great management assignments at all levels. This includes coaching, training and structured feedback.

Training and Academic Studies

Are you leaving school soon? Regardless of which school you went to — an apprenticeship with the Silbitz Group is an excellent foundation for starting your career in a diverse work environment with a variety of development opportunities and great prospects for the future. Regardless of which training career you choose: with us, you are guaranteed to receive first-class training.

Which job is right for you? It is often not easy to find that out. Therefore, we encourage you to be clear about your own interests and skills early on, and to research training positions as extensively as possible. We offer pupils from different schools the opportunity to complete a school-based professional orientation internship in various business areas. This will give you an insight into our training programmes. Look over the shoulders of our trainees or employees and get a first impression of your potential operational area.

Study and gain practical experience at the same time! With the dual study programme or as a direct student in the Silbitz Group, you will enjoy the benefits of special practical orientation and the prospect of entering a position of responsibility in our foundries straight after graduation. In addition, these courses offer a high degree of professionalism, future orientation and flexibility as well as a very good basis for future professional or managerial positions.

  • Below are our training programmes for the Silbitz site:  
  • Commercial: Industrial Sales Rep
  • Technical: Foundry Mechanic Technician Model Maker
  • Electronic Technician for industrial processes
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Mechatronics Engineer Cutting Machine Operator
  • Material Tester

Course of Study:   

  • Bachelor of Arts — Business Administration (BA Gera)
  • Bachelor of Science — Foundry Technology (TU Bergakademie Freiberg)