Eine Straße die mit mehreren Fahrzeug Barrieren von CitySafe abgesperrt ist.

Mobile truck and vehicle barriers CITYSAFE®

Eine Straßeneinfahrt ist durch eine CitySafe Barriere abgesperrt.

Mobile vehicle barrier CITYSAFE®

Anti-terror barriers such as security bollards or concrete barriers have become an integral part of the street scene. No wonder, as it has been shown time and again that public events are an easy and popular target for terrorist attacks or rampages. But even unintentionally out-of-control vehicles pose a threat to everyone present. It is therefore a top priority for local authorities and event organizers to ensure the safety of visitors and participants at fairs, markets, festivals, Christmas markets, concerts and demonstrations. Stable vehicle barriers help here, as they prevent vehicles from driving through and thus protect event participants, casual passers-by and local residents.

However, these drive-through barriers are often technically complex and very expensive. In addition to the purchase costs, there are usually also cost-intensive maintenance costs. That doesn't have to be the case. The patented, mobile vehicle barriers CITYSAFE® from the Silbitz Group are not only easier to handle than concrete barriers, for example, but are also maintenance-free and significantly cheaper.

CITYSAFE® protects public places from vehicle attacks.

The CITYSAFE anti-terror roadblocks are new and fundamentally different from previously known vehicle barriers such as concrete barriers or the mobile Oktablock roadblocks. The CITYSAFE® anti-terror road barrier is cast in one piece and consists of a highly stable special material:

  • Highly efficient and effective against all vehicles
  • Unauthorized passing or deliberate breaking through of vehicles is not possible
  • The preventive access barrier
  • Easy to use
  • Unbreakable and everlasting
  • Favorable acquisition costs
  • No follow-up costs for maintenance or repairs

CITYSAFE® as anti-terror protection is ingeniously simple, highly effective and efficient: it is the security tool for protecting your public events. CITYSAFE® is a patented development from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which is produced and distributed by Silbitz Group GmbH.

Zwei Männer montieren eine CitySafe Barriere mithilfe von einem Hebewagen.
Fußgänger und Radfahrer passieren die CitySafe Barriere ohne Probleme.

Advantages & investment reasons for the CITYSAFE® anti-terrorist barrier

  • Low acquisition costs and no follow-up costs for maintenance or repair
  • Unobtrusive in the cityscape, transparent, can be set up at short notice
  • Extremely robust material, supervision and maintenance-free
  • CITYSAFE® complies with StVO regulations
  • Significantly more escape and panic-proof than numerous existing mobile and permanently installed vehicle barriers
  • Delay-free access for emergency vehicles
  • Installation requires no foundations, electrics, hydraulics or electronic controls
  • Transportable, quick and easy to move, with simple means of transportation
  • Unbreakable even in the event of a crash, can be reused indefinitely
  • CITYSAFE® is patented
Die Effektivität der CitySafe Barrieren wird bei einem Test mit einem fahrenden LKW demonstriert.

How CITYSAFE® works

  • On impact, CITYSAFE® tips forward in the direction of travel due to its optimized centre of gravity.
  • The tips of the pillars and the edge of the base plate wedge into the ground and create an insurmountable obstacle, even for large trucks.
  • At high impact speeds, the barrier overturns, destroys the chassis and lifts the vehicle upwards.
  • The vehicle is stopped, smashed and completely unroadworthy. The driver is incapacitated due to the high acceleration and deceleration.
Eine Skizze der CitySafe Barriere.
Eine Skizze, die die CitySafe Barriere von oben zeigt.

Technical details


Extremely resilient cast iron material,
Component solidly cast in one piece,
Unbreakable and durable

Weight and dimensions

900 kg
2.300 x 800 x 1.105 mm (L x B x H)


By hand pallet truck (ant) or forklift and truck No crane required
Has integrated lifting adapters and eyebolts

Offset installation for wide driveways

Eine Straße ist mit CitySafe Barrieren so abgeriegelt, dass Fahrzeuge in einem geringem Tempo sie passieren können, zum Beispiel Lieferanten oder Angestellte.
Eine Skizze, die die Aufstellungsformation der CitySafe zeigt.

CITYSAFE® is a DEKRA-tested* mobile anti-terror barrier.

*In accordance with the DEKRA test report dated 11.10.2017, the CITYSAFE® anti-terrorist barrier was subjected to a similar kinetic energy to the vehicle class "N2 7500-64" shown in PAS 68, based on the British BSI standard PAS 68:2013. In an impact test carried out on October 6, 2017 with a 10-ton truck at a speed of 55 km/h in accordance with PAS 68/IWA 14-1 (which applies to fixed installations), DEKRA confirmed that the CITYSAFE® anti-terrorist barrier stops an impacting truck under the given test conditions. If required, corresponding image and information material can be provided.

Compliant with standards

  • CITYSAFE® is manufactured under ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 50001 and AEO certification.
  • CITYSAFE® has StVO-compliant paintwork.
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