Quality test

We pursue the objective of always offering you the expected quality of your products, and setting up the manufacturing processes and sequences defect free is, for us, a factor that breeds security and trust.

We perform process-related controls and final inspections to deliver with the expected quality:

  • Emission spectrometer for iron and nickel matrix
  • Our own moulding material laboratory
  • Thermal analysis for evaluation of the solidifying properties of cast iron
  • Mechanical - technological test
    • Tensile testing
    • Notched-bar impact test down to - 60°C
    • stationary hardness testing according to Brinell, Vickers, Rockwell;
    • mobile hardness tests based on Brinell and according to the Leeb process (DIN 50156)
    • Stationary and portable metallography for defining structures with digital image evaluation
  • Direct and indirect visual inspection according to EN 13018
    • Inspection of difficult geometries by using stiff, flexible industrial and video endoscope systems.
    • Evaluation of surface displays/roughness with the casting comparison catalogue SCRATA and BNIF
    • Use of surface roughness measuring devices to determine roughness
  • Dye penetration test according to ISO 3452
  • Fluorescent and non-fluorescent magnetic powder tests according to ISO 9934
    • mobile magnetic powder testing with a hand magnet
    • stationary magnetic power test with special machines (AC and DC up to 10,000A current) and with several magnetising devices for complex component geometry
  • Ultra-sonic inspection (impulse echo method) according to ISO 16810
  • Penetrating radiation test with X-rays or gamma-rays (film analysis) according to ISO 5579
    • Inspection of wall thicknesses up to 150mm on our own facilities
  • Digital radiography (radioscopic inspection) according to EN 13068
  • All employees in the non-destructive inspection are certified according to ISO 9712
  • 3D measurement and marking out machine for measuring length
  • Dimension inspection by conventional length inspection techniques using a marking out machine
  • 3D dimension inspection by length inspection techniques using a measure machine
  • Dimension inspection by length inspection technique using electronic/optical measuring devices
  • 3D dimension inspection by scanning and discolouration evaluation