Drive technology flange parts by Silbitz


Flanges made of cast iron according to customer specifications

We manufacture highly stressed cast iron flanges with spheroidal graphite or lamellar graphite of the highest quality, which we develop in close cooperation with our customers. A piece weight of 10 to 45,000 kg is possible. In addition to the corresponding know-how in the field of design and simulation, casting and heat treatment, molding and casting technology as well as quality inspection, the Silbitz Group has at its locations in Silbitz and Stassfurt a machine park for the mechanical processing of flange components. On request, the flange connections are provided with a primer before delivery.

Description and definition

Flanges are non-destructive releasable fasteners used to close, connect and seal housings, machine parts or pipes with nuts and bolts. They have the task of evenly distribute the force applied by tightening the screws as a surface pressure on the seal used. As machine flanges they usually have a passage for drive shafts. Likewise, they can also be constructed as normal mounting flanges. Depending on the construction, flanges are used, for example, in transmissions of internal combustion engines, as a connection of pipes or for attaching engine blades to wind turbines.

Material properties of our flanges

We manufacture our flanges out of spheroidal cast iron according to EN-GJS-400-18LT (DIN EN 1563) or grey cast iron with lamellar graphite according to EN-GJL (DIN ES 1561), depending on your individual requirements.

Spheroidal cast iron flanges

Spheroidal cast iron is a cast iron with spheroidal graphite. This iron-carbon alloy has a maximum carbon content of 4%. This spherical structure with ferritic framework is responsible for high tensile strength and high ductility of the material. With the same elongation values, it has twice the strength of forgings and cast steel parts. This results in great advantages for our flanges, especially under dynamic load. Furthermore, the material convinces with low notch sensitivity and very good elongation at break values. In addition to that, the material can be processed very well with cutting procedures. Spheroidal cast iron helps to increase the cutting speed thus to shorten the processing time of the flanges.

Cast iron flanges with lamellar graphite

Cast iron with lamellar graphite is an iron-carbon-silicon casting alloy. In this case, the graphite within the cast iron is present in thin, irregularly shaped rods, so-called lamellas. They act like small notches in the structure and lower the tensile strength of the component. On the other hand, the compressive strength is about four times higher than the tensile strength. Since the graphite lamellas have the properties of small shock absorbers, they have an effect on the damping properties of the flanges. If the casting skin remains unharmed, cast iron with lamellar graphite also has a good corrosion resistance, which we can tailor to your wishes by adding nickel, chromium and silicon.

Coating the flanges according to customer requirements

On customer request we make a surface treatment of the flanges, in order to protect the castings against environmental influences. As Silbitz Group, we have modern coating equipment at our disposal, using dry and dust-free air to ensure high quality.

Custom-fit production of your flanges

The Silbitz Group is your professional partner for the production of flanges, which are subject to an enormous load, such as in a planetary gear. Furthermore, you receive comprehensive service from one provider – from development and design, through molding and casting, to mechanical processing and surface coating of the flanges.

Get in contact with us and let us advise you. We look forward to work with you!