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Iron foundry as supplier for technical castings

Casting is one of the oldest manufacturing processes, especially the iron foundry has been an essential pillar of industrialization for centuries. The significance of the iron foundry is still great today. The iron foundry offers various advantages. The design options in the iron casting sector are huge, complicated geometries, which cannot be realized in series through manufacturing processes like welding, can be realized through casting. By choosing the casting material for iron foundry, it is possible to present the strength properties of the components in a wide range. For heavy use, iron casting would be the recommended material. The main alloy component is, as the name suggests, iron. The different iron types cast steel and cast iron differ in their basic metallic structure and their different levels of carbon content and their different graphite forms. Thanks to these variable structural components, the application area in the iron foundry is huge.

Application areas and advantages of products manufactured in the iron foundry

Iron foundry products, such as cast iron and cast steel, are characterized by several unique advantages. Parts made of cast iron can be produced in any shape, size and quantity efficiently and in a consistently high quality. A price reduction can be achieved by saving weight or material. The parts produced in the iron foundry find their application in many different industries, for example in the energy technology, in general mechanical engineering, in railway engineering, in mining and much more.

Individual solutions

In cooperation with our customers, our iron foundry delivers cast iron alloys that correspond to the individual requirement profile. By adding further alloy elements, different types and special cast iron with the desired properties can be produced. In the iron foundry, targeted controlling of the cooling rate or the thermal post-treatment can be used to specifically influence the material properties. Together with the customer, the required parameters are modified on the basis of the required criteria, in order to optimize the properties of the respective material of the iron foundry products by means of the composition and production method of the alloy. Iron can be cast in various alloys and is therefore practically suitable for unlimited applications.
From vehicle construction and mechanical engineering of all kinds to aircraft construction, castings from the iron foundry are used. The applications of Silbitz Group’s foundry products range from parts in chassis that are as light as possible, despite heavy physical loads, to machine parts and engine bodies weighing several tons, to components and simple small parts and wearing parts.

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