Eine Straße die mit mehreren Fahrzeug Barrieren von CitySafe abgesperrt ist.

Mobile vehicle barrier CITYSAFE®

Zwei Männer montieren eine CitySafe Barriere mithilfe von einem Hebewagen.

CITYSAFE®: Effective mobile anti-terror barriers at major events

Anyone planning a major event has a lot to think about. Effective protective measures to ensure the safety of participants and visitors are essential in today's world. This starts with securing the site against unwanted "visitors" from vehicles.

CITYSAFE® protects public events from vehicle attacks.

Concrete barriers are common. These offer good protection against attacks with trucks, but have the disadvantage that they are very heavy to handle and transport. They also don't look good. Retractable bollards or traffic bollards - if available at all at the event location - may not offer sufficient protection. The smart alternative is called CITYSAFE®. CITYSAFE® is not only very easy to transport, but also offers smart and secure protection. The patented, mobile vehicle barriers CITYSAFE® from the Silbitz Group are cast in one piece from a special metal and are highly stable. What's more, CITYSAFE® is significantly cheaper to purchase than many other solutions and is completely maintenance-free.

CITYSAFE® secures your event - no matter what size.

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Die Funktionsweise der CitySafe Anti-Terror-Sperre wird an einem Testfahrzeug gezeigt.


Eine Straße ist mit CitySafe Barrieren so abgeriegelt, dass Fahrzeuge in einem geringem Tempo sie passieren können, zum Beispiel Lieferanten oder Angestellte.

Technical details

Technical details
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