Eine Straße die mit mehreren Fahrzeug Barrieren von CitySafe abgesperrt ist.

Effective anti-terror protection from Silbitz

Die CitySafe Sperren demonstrieren, wie sie vor Terroranschlägen schützen.

CITYSAFE®: Effective anti-terror lockdown and event security

Anyone organizing a festival must ensure adequate protection for visitors and participants. Effective anti-terror protection is one of the most important things here - especially the anti-terror roadblock, which prevents unauthorized persons from driving onto the site in trucks or cars. Very rarely does a site already have security bollards. Securing a site with concrete barriers requires a great deal of effort. Many other solutions are cost-intensive.

CITYSAFE® protects public places from terrorist attacks with vehicles.

The CITYSAFE® anti-terror barrier from the Silbitz Group offers you and your visitors the necessary security against potential attacks with trucks. The advantage of our mobile barriers: they are easy to transport and can be easily moved to the respective location using a pallet truck. The smart design also ensures outstanding protection, as tested and confirmed by Dekra in various tests. CITYSAFE® is designed in such a way that the barriers can be stored easily and are durable even when used many times. Many of our anti-terrorist barriers have been in use for years.

CITYSAFE® as anti-terror protection is ingeniously simple, highly effective and efficient: it is the security tool to protect your public events. CITYSAFE® is a patented development of the Torgelow iron foundry in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

Zwei Männer montieren eine CitySafe Barriere mithilfe von einem Hebewagen.
Fußgänger und Radfahrer passieren die CitySafe Barriere ohne Probleme.
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