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Model construction with innovative customer solutions

Model construction in the foundry combines most modern production technology with the latest technologies and craftmanship. The practice-oriented customer solutions have a high priority in the company philosophy of the model construction division. The customers of the foundry Silbitz Group receive holistic solutions. High quality standards enable the production of safety components. Many customers expect a supply of the produced parts according to the zero defective strategy.

If foundry and model construction – the Silbitz Group ensures high customer satisfaction

In the model construction sector as well as in the foundry, the Silbitz Group offers its customers high-quality, timely and reliable oder processing throughout the entire performance window. The customers benefit from the permanently optimized logistics. The production optimization in the production hall of the customer is another service of the model construction department. The division is constantly developing new materials. If the use of the innovative subtances can save production costs in the production halls, a change to modern material is advantageous for the customer. In addition to the development of economic production strategies, the foundry’s expertise lies in the efficient implementation of special solutions in model making, which the customer demands individually. Modern CAD-programs are used for the designs of special solutions. The EDP data deliver precise 2D or 3D designs. If the customer desires the 3D digitalization of the components according to the drawing documents, this will also be realised in the foundry. The Silbitz Group works closely with universities and similar institutes in research projects. These collaborations create synergy effects that keep development and production costs at a low level. Anyone producing products whose malfunction and / or failure endangers the safety of persons must also provide proof of compliance with all drawing specifications. A 3D measuring machine lists the values in the measurement log for documentation. For this reason, the customers of model construction foundry Silbitz Group are providers of high-quality products. Among others, they come from the motor and tool technology as well as from the mechanical engineering sector and the rail technology.

The construction of models is a division for the company, which specializes in application-specific customer solutions and which meets the requirements of DIN 12890.

The specialties of the model construcion foundry Silbitz Group

Our customers not only want a product that meets the drawing specifications, but also the proof of the actual values available on the product. At the same time, the Silbitz Group offers its customers a partner delivers the ordered products reliable and punctual to the right place.

With its equipment and the required know-how in quality assurance and logistics, the model construction foundry Silbitz Group can also meet the highest demands of customers.

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