Cast iron ingot on white background

Ingot casting

Ingot casting made of different materials in various sizes

Ingots can be manufactured either through the classic casting method or through mechanical production. There are various options between individual or standardized sizes, forms and materials. Thanks to modern plants and a broad portfolio of possibilities in regard to the shaping and different heat generation, orders for ingot castings can be realized reliably and within a short period of time. Each production step, from the simulation to the completion, is quality controlled. Therefore we guarantee that the ordered ingots meet highest demands and the conditions within their application area.

Definition of ingot casting

An ingot is a form which can have various dimensions. In general, we are talking about an ingot when a cube or a cuboid with different lengths of the edges is meant. The peculiarity of ingot casting is the wide variety of metals that can be used. An ingot can be manufactured as a prototype or as a serial production. Thanks to the modern technology and the size of our plant, the production of ingots with special sizes and heavy weight is not a problem for us.

The casting method for the manufacture of ingot castings

The easiest and fastest method for the manufacture of ingots is casting. The model is based on a form, whose inner dimensions correspond to the correct size of the ingot and where the liquid metal is poured into. For a single ingot, the model is made of a sand mix, while serial productions are manufactured with the help of reusable models. A model with clean and precise edges is the basis for an ingot, whose dimensions correspond to the order.

Application area of ingot castings

Ingot casting finds its application in various sectors and branches. Depending on material and size, it plays an important role in the construction industry and in the manufacturing of tool and construction machinery. Ingots produced by casting can weight 300 kilos to 9 tons, hence they are especially used within the heavy industry, the shipbuilding sector and in heavy-duty cranes. In a comprehensive consultation it can be discussed, which ingot casting is suited for the respective application of the customer, prior to the simulation and calculation.

Ingot castings with special dimensions increase the areas of application and lay the foundation for various usage options.

Long-lasting quality thanks to quality control during all manufacturing processes

Quality controls take place during the whole production process of ingot castings. Thus, the error ratio is heading towards zero and every step gets controlled in regard to its dimensional accuracy and material characteristics. Upon completion of the ingot casting, a final quality control is made, before the product is delivered to the customer.